Bouncy Bands for One and for All


We all have them…
The wiggle worms
The friends that somehow always manage to fall out of their chair…
The ones that get up 41380052923 times a day to ‘blow their nose’
I love them to death, but let’s be honest—there are days that I need my kids to SIT during a lesson and the actions above just aren’t going to cut it.
Then I discovered BOUNCY BANDS
Think of them as fidgets on steroids.
Being a third grade teacher who teaches in the first grade that kids are required to take the state test, my kids need to learn how to have test-taking stamina and that stamina just like Daily 5 must be learned.
Bouncy bands are heavy duty rubber that can loop around a chair or a desk.
It accommodates kids that need constant movement, without distracting the class.


My school is a very open environment in that we have students with many different needs that use different tools and our students recognize that some kids use certain tools to help them succeed. However, that is not the case with ALL students in school. I do not want to single out kids by any means but to be honest, there are some kids that will pry into the needs of other children—it happens. Here’s how we create the bouncy bands to be a tool for everybody.


My STUDENTS (so proud of them) came up with the idea of having one set of bouncy bands as an incentive! If you follow my blog then you know that I am an advocate for a classroom economy. My kids earn dollars which they spend on coupons such as: no shoes in the classroom.
I created a coupon for my classroom called, “Bouncy Bands”. My kids can purchase this coupon and bounce around all day. Bouncy Bands are now a coveted item and realistically all kids can benefit from Bouncy Bands so it’s a win win for me! I wish I could have a classroom set of bouncy bands but this coupon idea works well for me now.

Eventually, I may use the sample Donor’s Choose project idea that Bouncy Bands created for teachers to use to help get their project funded.
To read more about that click {HERE}

Snag these coupons for your own classroom by clicking


My kids that need the bouncy bands to function during the day are not stripped of their need. I am just adding an extra incentive for my other students as well.

If you want to read more about how I run a classroom economy click the images below!



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