Books Teachers Love: April


11 teachers are here to share their favorite read alouds for the following month and provide activities and free resources for how to use them in your classroom.


The book that I am sharing with you today is called, Tree Lady. It is the perfect book for Earth Day. Not enough time to dive deep into Earth Day? You can if you integrate it with your reading standards, and let’s add a splash of technology while we’re at it.

Tree Lady is about Katherine Olivia Sessions, the woman that turned dry San Diego into a lush environment. The story shares that most girls were discouraged from studying science, but not Katie. She pursued her love of science all the way to the University of California. She was the first woman to graduate with a science degree in science from theΒ University of California.


The program that I am sharing with you today is called Timeline. It is a web-based and app that has opportunities for many activities in your classroom.

Take a gander at the video so you can see how it works.

Hopefully, this program is something that you can use in your classroom. I challenge you to try this in your classroom sometime next week! How can you incorporate this feature in your classroom?


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I hope this was a Peppy Zesty idea for you!


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