Books Teachers Love: January Themed Books


Books Teachers Love is a collaborative blogging series where 12 teacher bloggers share their favorite read alouds for the month. Keep reading to find free resources and ideas to stock up your January literacy block!


The book that I am sharing with you is Winter Candle by Jeron Ashford. This book touches on many different winter celebrations. Children (and some adults) may think that certain celebrations may not have anything in common. However, lots of celebrations find that the common denominator is light. In this story, a diverse group of neighbors live in an urban apartment building. Each family needs a new candle to light up their celebration. The only problem is, they all forget their candle! Each family passes down the stick of wax, lighting the way for a new tenant to celebrate their custom.


This is a great book of diversity and an excellent tool to open the door to discuss the multi-cultural world that we live in.


Check out how I plan to use this resource by clicking the image below:


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