Technology in the Classroom: Tellagami App

Hey Friends! I’m back at it again with the white keyboard! 
(Dang Daniel reference anyone?) 😉 
Tellagami is an app that lets you and students record a quick video with an animated character, or ‘game’. It has a fabulous feature that let’s you customize the gami. Certain features are locked unless you purchase it, but it works just fine using the free version. 
The app lets you pull pictures from your camera roll, so your kids can make the background pertain to what they are talking about. 

Tips to use Tellagami in the classroom: 

  • Want kids to write what they’ve learned about a topic? Have them share their learning in the form of a Gami. Then they can post it to {Seesaw} for their parents to see! To learn  more about Seesaw {CLICK HERE}
  • Place a book in the background and have students give a book review or summary. 
  • Students can discuss from a character’s point of view. Extend the story past the text, talk about character changes, the possibilities are endless! 
  • Social Studies: There are so many people the kids need to know! Give facts or discuss a topic from a famous person’s point of view. 
What are some ways you use Tellagami in the classroom?
Want more technology ideas? Click the image below to see more content creation iPad apps! 
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