Webquest: Biome Edition

Do you Webquest?
A Webquest is an inquiry-oriented lesson format in which most or all of the information that learners work with comes from the web. These can be created using various programs, including a simple processing document that includes links to websites. 
I needed to shake things up in the classroom. Test prep is killing my kids (& their teacher). I wanted to do things my way and give the kids ownership in their learning.
Thus, this webquest was born. 
I allowed students to choose which biome they wanted to research (BOOM, they get the choice—they’re already mind blown at this point), they will eventually learn all the biomes, but from their peers (or me depending on the age group).
Every student received a graphic organizer to help keep their research findings organized, along with a mini book. On the back of each mini book was a QR code. The QR code scanned to a Symbaloo.
This is they Symbaloo that the QR code scans to. Notice how each biome is color coordinated. 
The top links are articles, while the bottom links of each biome are videos. 
I inserted videos because although I teach 3rd grade, I still have some readers that are level K.
I wanted the struggling readers to have the opportunity to participate with minimal help from me. 
Kids were highly engaged researching about their biome.
Once completed, we filled out the graphic organizers about our biomes. Kids chimed in with what they learned about their specific biome.

Here are some pictures of final copies:

Another Example: 
If you would rather not use the Symbaloo, I also created mats with QR codes that scan to each individual link. 

I hope you think this webquest is as fascinating as my kids thought!
I had so many choose to work on their biome during recess!
They are itching to complete another one, so I will have more in the works.
What would you like to see? I am working on planets and forms of energy.

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