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I am participating in the awesome book study hosted by The Brown Bag Teacher.
Let me just say, I finished this book in ONE day because I just couldn’t put it down. I recommend purchasing this book. Why did I not know about this my first year of teaching? My life would’ve been mounds easier.

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Miller writes that although it can be tempting to sacrifice independent reading time for the sake of other instructional activities, we must NOT let that be the case. I found myself at a crossroads with my team at times, wanting to implement independent reading time, but being forced to cut it from my lesson plans. It was very comforting to read this passage.

The Rule of Thirds
It is recommended to divide your reading time into thirds, with 1/3 independent reading time, conferring , and small groups; 1/3 Direct instruction and guided practice with your whole class. 1/3 should also be spent with independent practice where students spend additional time reading or writing. I can see how this sort of aligns with Daily Five. I recently finished that book and am contemplating implementing it as well.

At my old district, I had two hours to teach English, L.A, Reading, AND Social Studies in just TWO Hours. Insert gasp here. Yes, and when you factor in the excessive recess I was forced to participate in, it made my class 1 hr 30 minutes. Our curriculum did not intertwine S.S with ELAR so it was a “do the best you can method”. I STRUGGLED to get everything in. I am moving to a new district and am hoping praying that this does not happen to me again.

I am leaving out my workshop schedule from last year because it definitely was less than desired (see paragraph above). I am reading as many PD books as possible to implement a better one this school year. Any tips and tidbits will be gratefully appreciated! πŸ˜‰

Get that writing in! —>
Miller explains that instead of writing other types of compositions, her children write in response to literature that they read. This is great. I can definitely see my students writing a response to a book they finished predicting what they think will happen next, or a compare and contrast of their favorite and least favorite characters. The possibilities are endless!

Check out others take on this section by clicking {here}.

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